Product Categories

Shri Krishna Plastics is well equipped with ultra-modern hi-tech gadgets which are required to produce high precision products like Documents Tray, Magazine File, writing slate, Rulers and other engineering drawing instruments like Pro circle, Set Square with Protractor etc.
The Company has Moulding, Printing, Assembling and Packing facilities are within one roof.
Injection Moulding –
The company using one of the best make injection moulding machines due which product quality can be maintained through its production cycle. Following is the table representing the machine capacity and its details.
No of Machines Technology Capacity Make
01 Nos Injection Moulding 250 gms Hwa Chin, Taiwan
02 Nos Injection Moulding 125 gms Ferromatic Milacrone, India
The company has two Printing technology –
Pad Printing –
The company has 2 pad printing machines, which gives more accuracy and long-lasting life to the printed image.
Screen Printing –
The company has Screen printing machines along with UV Curing facility which makes the superior quality of printing which has long lasting life.
Assembly and Packing –
The company has gadgets for carrying out assembly and packing task. The employees who are behind of the proper functioning of these task are also well trained and expert in their work. Due to which maximum production can be taken out without compromise of its set of rules.